Peach Mango Tango Smoothie

I’ve been on a huge smoothie kick lately. I think it might be because I use a lot of frozen fruit, so they kind of taste like sorbet to me! Maybe that’s why I like them so much!

My favourite thing about smoothies is that I can get a bunch of different fruit into one easy to drink meal, and I can make one for a fast breakfast, take one with me on the way to work, or on the way to the gym with me when I go to GoodLife Fitness. I also like that smoothies are pretty filling, and since I use a small blender, they are almost mess-free.

As part of my obsession this month, I’ve been swapping my usual lunches for smoothies. In this post, I’m sharing my current favourite smoothie of the moment, what I’m calling the Peach Mango Tango. Here’s the list of what you’ll need to make it…


  • 2 cups of frozen fruit mix (I used a mix of peach, mango, strawberry)
  • 1 banana
  • 3 tablespoons of french vanilla yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon honey

delicious fruit smoothieTo make this smoothie, start by adding your ingredients into your blender, starting with the banana.

banana smoothie

Next add the frozen fruit. I like to blend everything right out the freezer so it keeps a nice frosty consistency and gives it that sorbet texture.vanilla_yogurt_smoothie

I like to add the yogurt and honey last so that part hits the blades first and helps to keep everything moving as it blends.


Now, mix everything together! I use the Nutribullet since I love making a single serving size and it’s really easy to clean afterwards.

fruit smoothie

Here’s the final drink!

I love to make smoothies as snacks as well, as a way to get more vitamins into my diet rather than junk food. I try to use fresh fruit as often as possible,  but frozen fruit is also a great alternative, and can stay in the freezer a lot longer than the fresh stuff. I’ve gotten into the habit of buying a bunch of different frozen fruit bags and now I have a full freezer of fruit so that I can mix and match them for new smoothie flavours. It also makes it really convenient when I am in a rush and I don’t have to wash or cut up fruit because it’s already done!

As part of this next month’s fitness goal, I’m hoping to get to the gym at Goodlife Fitness more often, possibly on my lunch breaks, so I have an energy boost mid-day, but we’ll see if my schedule allows for it! Come back next month to see how that goes and get another healthy recipe!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

A Touch of Pink

My wardrobe is a sea of black and white, navy and neutrals, and pops of pattern like polka dots and stripes.

neutral wardrobe

This weekend, I snagged this long pink piqué blazer with patch pockets which is blowing up my closet with colour at the moment. Thanks to a welcome but unexpected rainy heat wave the last few days I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. Instead, I’ve been planning a few outfits to wear it with, and possibly wearing it around the house…

pink Zara coat

I think it will look great paired with my favourite shirt of the moment – my white Cloth & Stone button down from Anthropologie. I like that the coat and shirt pockets are complementary. I absolutely can’t wait to wear it!

pink jacket and white buttondown

white and pink outfitWhat would you pair this blazer with? Do you have something in your closet you’ve been dying to wear and are waiting to get a chance to style? Share in the comments section below!

In the Balance

Nike Free Cross TrainersThis month has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me personally so when GoodLife Fitness asked me to come up with a reply to the question, “how do you find balance in your life?,” it was a moment for me to stop and truly reflect on everything I was dealing with at the moment.

Trying to find balance between work life and the everyday big and little stresses of life can be tough and everyone deals with it in different ways. I try to achieve balance in my life by de-stressing before I’m stressed, that means making ‘me’ time. Going to a yoga class with a friend or going for a run is time for me to clear my head and be good to my body at the same time.

For those times I’m really stressed, I find it’s easy for me to fall into the habit of focusing all my time and energy on work or other projects to keep my mind off things, but those things are a distraction from dealing with my stress. What really helps to actually relieve my stress are those moments of being active and whether that’s intense cardio like going for a run on the treadmill at GoodLife Fitness, or something a bit more low key like doing a yoga class, it’s physically getting out there and working up a sweat that make me feel happier and balanced again.

Lately, I’ve also been hyper aware of how much time I spend on my phone texting and talking to friends vs seeing them in person so I’ve been trying to spend less time on all my tech. These are all other ways of distracting myself from real life vs being out there and enjoying it. Taking a moment to unplug and spend time with friends to just relax is the best stress reliever ever. Or what’s better than that? Going to yoga or a run with a friend! I need these little active moments to remind myself that just because I am having a bad day or a few bad days in a row, life’s not all bad.

Stay tuned for a new fitness post next month!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

melaniexeinalem + Zoe Report Pinterest Collaboration

HUGE news to announce over here on the blog today! I was invited to Pin on The Zoe Report’s Seventies Style Pinterest board! (Somebody pinch me!) The board is a mix of new and old images that selected pinners thought captured the spirit of this stylish decade.

Rachel Zoe

^^She. Is. Everything.^^

I have been in love with Rachel Zoe for the longest time, so this is such a surreal moment! I adore bohemian and seventies style, and Rachel’s quintessential boho and luxe style is absolute perfection in my opinion.  She also seems incredibly down to earth even though her style is out-of-this-world amazing. Rachel is one of my favourite style icons and I am always looking to see what she’s wearing, and who she styles next! Big thank you to The Zoe Report for letting me be part of this Pinterest board collaboration, and for featuring me in their post, #FBF: 14 PHOTOS THAT COMPLETELY EXPLAIN ’70S STYLE. Skip to slide 12 to see one of my pins from the board!

Be sure to follow The Zoe Report and myself on Pinterest for more seventies style and bohemian looks!

Here are a few of my favourite Seventies Style pins. Click an image below to get to the board!:

Quintessentially Seventies Style Bell Bottoms Seventies Shades Fur jacket Seventies Fashion Bohemian Fashion Wide brim hat and platform shoesSeventies inspired fashion Kate Moss Classic seventies fashion 

Back To Basics

I’m back from Miami and trying to detox a little from my vacation diet which was pretty much all pizza, dinners out, more pizza, sodas, and Tiramisu Starbucks Frapps (How could I resist? They don’t make those in Canada!). After my first few days back, I really felt like I needed to hit the gym, so I went to Goodlife Fitness for a run on the treadmill and a workout sesh. Nothing feels better than getting a good sweat on after a few days of bad eating!

I’ve also been trying to stick to a clean diet. This morning, I made my favourite smoothie and had a fresh bowl of pineapple – my favourite!! You can find the recipe for my Blueberry Honey Vanilla Smoothie here, but this time I added a banana and some pineapple to make it juicier and get some more vitamins and colour in my diet!

Eating clean

Do you have any tips for getting back to your healthy self after being off the wagon for a little while? I’d love to hear them!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Miami Vicing

They say the third time’s a charm – and  it was so true of my third visit to Miami! Being a bit older and perhaps wiser (?), I was sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and keep hydrated this time around, as well as take in as many sights as possible which meant many early mornings and late nights to get the most out of my 3 day vacation.

Below are a few of my favourite highlights.

Maya Hayuk

^^Maya Hayuk mural at Wynwood Walls – a must see. So vibrant and happy. I fell in love with it!^^

Wynwood WallsLovebot^^Spotted: Toronto Lovebot at Wynwood Walls^^Air Plant ArtMmmm Miami

Shake Shack^^Hit up Shake Shack for the first time and OMGGG it was good. The crinkle fries alone are worth a trip. ^^Art Deco DistrictArt Deco DistrictOcean DriveThompson Hotel^^On one of the sunniest days, we met up with a friend who invited us for poolside lounging at the Thompson Hotel. It was so nice to just lay around and relax on the comfy loungers, and the service here was amazing. Definitely hit this spot if you want to feel a little pampered on your vacation.^^melaniexeianlem does miami^^My favourite white shirt from Anthropologie, by Cloth & Stone – It’s the comfiest, softest shirt I own and it goes perfectly with shorts or jeans, or can be worn as a cover up, poolside. ^^

Sun Bum and Raybans^^My Miami essentials ^^Miami Beach watchtowerbeach house miamipink miami lifeguard tower^^My morning beach stroll on my last day before my flight left. The sunshine and oceanside breeze made it so hard to leave.^^

Freehand HostelPanorama ^^Broken Shaker was an adorable little patio bar at Freehand Hostel. Great place to day drink and lounge by the pool for a low key time. ^^Pizza Bar^^2 ft. long, thin crust pizza from Pizza Bar, I will miss you most of all… ;(^^

And no, I was not there for the Ultra Music festival, but that was happening over the weekend, as well as Miami’s Centennial party featuring Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees, which we randomly stumbled upon while taking a night walk along the beach. For a city with a big nightlife on a normal night, this was a pretty eventful time to head into South Beach with the extra crowds in town. All that, plus running into a few friends along the way made this a trip to remember!

Have you been to Miami before? Any tips for future visits? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Winter Workouts

With spring and bikini season hopefully just around the corner (fingers crossed!), I am setting a new goal this month to push myself harder. As I mentioned in my Eating Colourfully post last month, I stuck to adding more colour to my daily diet. This month I’m hoping to set a goal for myself that’s a bit tougher and I know that braving the cold more often is something that I’ll need to push myself on because if you know me, I am NOT a winter lover. I would rather be hot and sweaty than cold and outdoors if I could avoid it, which is why I’m hoping once I get in the habit of making it to the gym at GoodLife Fitness more often, it will get easier because there’s nothing like a good run or full body work out to warm you up!Citrus and tea

There’s also nothing better than coming home from the cold and having a tea. I’ve gotten into the habit of adding lemon to black tea when ever I drink it, instead of sugar and milk, and also putting slices of lemon in my water, which I like to think boosts my immune system in the winter. Anytime I feel a little under the weather, my cure is always getting the biggest jug of fresh squeezed OJ I can find and trying to drink as much of it as I can within a day or two. For me, the extra vitamin C makes me feel like I’m being extra good to my body. Extra citrus in your diet can also aid in losing weight I’ve heard, so it can’t hurt to add more of that into my meals this month too!

Stay tuned for my fitness post next month and see how I’ve done with sticking to my goal!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Happy Love Day

Candy HeartsTo my lovely reader’s from across the web and every corner of the world, Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for reading along, and for all of your kind words, comments and emails. They keep this little passion project of mine going. Love you all! xo


Source: Lovelyisms

Eating Colourfully

I’ve been working late almost every day the past few weeks, so after hitting the gym at GoodLife Fitness, by the time I get home, I am in no mood to cook. To stick to my health and fitness goals, rather than skip healthy options for something like pizza, I’ve been making one of my go-to favourites – Mango Avocado Salsa. It’s so easy to make – you just need a couple of ingredients.

Avocado Mango Salsa

Delicious avocado

Mango Avocado Salsa


1 ripe yellow mango

1 avocado (ripe but not too soft)

1 or 2 small roma tomatoes (or a red pepper if you prefer)

1 red onion

1 lemon


What You’ll Need:

Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

Lemon Juicer

1 Large Bowl



Wash the mango and cut it into cubes. Do the same with the avocado. Wash and dry the roma tomatoes and dice them into small chunks. Toss everything into the bowl together. Dice as much red onion as you like and add it to the bowl. (The flavour of red onion can pack a punch so you might want to add a little bit at a time). Finish the recipe off with a squeeze of lemon juice. The lemon juice really brings out all of the flavours of all the ingredients. Gently mix everything together with a large spoon. This salsa recipe is a tad on the sweeter side, but the onion cuts it and gives it a little kick, while the avocado adds a savoury element. You can serve this salsa with tortilla chips, but it would also taste great with chicken or fish tacos. It’s a pretty versatile recipe so you can experiment with it. Switch up the recipe by substituting roma tomatoes for a red pepper, as they both and a touch of sweetness and juice to the recipe.

The past few months, I’ve really stuck to my goal to eat colourfully. I decided that next month I am setting a new fitness goal- check back next month to find out what it is!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Last month in my Do The Bright Thing post wrote about how I was trying to incorporate more colourful foods into my diet and that I wanted to try juicing. I figured rather than investing in a juicer, I would try it out first to see if it was for me. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about cold-pressed juice lately, so I looked into juice spots in Toronto and discovered Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.After a workout at GoodLife Fitness this week, since it wasn’t too far away from my gym, I popped into Greenhouse Juice Co. The moment I stepped into this adorable little shop, I became the girl with kaleidoscope eyes – so many colourful juices, and sealed into such cute little glass bottles -I couldn’t get enough!

Greenhouse Juice Co.^The lovely selection of juice at the Greenhouse Juice Co.^

All of the juices at Greenhouse Juice Co. are made of 100% organic, raw fruits and vegetables. Every juice is cold-pressed which means that the contents retain nearly all of their nutrients because they haven’t been heated during the juicing process.The juices are also packaged in glass which means no harmful leaching that can occur with other types of bottling processes.

Greenhouse Lamps

^Looked up to spot this adorable design detail – greenhouse light cages.^

I sampled some of the flavours and chose several juices that fit my ‘eating colourfully’ requirement. The juices were the perfect thing to sip on after a run – so refreshing! I felt great knowing that my body was enjoying the benefits of vitamin-rich, bright and colourful juice! Yay to getting my colourful food goal checked off my list!

Greenhouse Juice Co. Toronto

Here are all the juices I brought home with me:

Rabbit Run Cold Pressed JuiceDeep Roots
Gold RushCold-Pressed Apple Juice

Even though I am kind of skeptical of drinking kale juice, (I’m not a fan of the stuff!) I figured if I’m going to do this, I should go all the way and green is definitely a colour I should be eating more of! Here’s the kale juice I got:

East of Eden

I’m going to be reviewing the juices over the next few days and adding to this post. Wish me luck with the kale juice :I Still feeling skeptical about that one. Make sure you visit again next month – I’ll be sharing a bright and beautiful, colour-rich recipe!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.