Bun Moment

I just moved to a new neighbourhood with a GoodLife Fitness just mins away from me which I am soooo happy about! Yay night gym sessions! I miss going for runs at night and now I can make it happen through the winter! Due to my new location, I’ve been inspired to pre-emptively amp up my training at GoodLife Fitness now before January first hits to get ahead of my resolutions!

Also conveniently located around here is a grocery store open 24 hours a day so that will hopefully make eating healthy super easy! I have been pretty good about keeping only healthy food around since I moved, but somehow my favourite frozen coconut milk chocolate almond bars found their way into my fridge! (hmmm..guilty pleasures!).

Remember last month when I talked about how I was reclaiming sweatpants as a my go-to fitness wear item? This month is all about shorty shorts! Can’t beat them and also my heat is cranked to 78 in here so hello hot yoga 24/7! I also have no couch at the moment, so my living room is currently my very own yoga studio complete with vanilla candle. It’s god damn romantic in here!

Tonight after my gym workout, I came home and hit the yoga mat. And then I had a perfect hair bun moment. I usually leave my hair down when I work out, I like to let it breathe and flow- but tonight after my workout with one swift motion I put it up in a bun. Ladies, you know that the perfect bun is an elusive unicorn you can’t make happen – it’s something that happens to you. Well tonight the magic struck my tresses and I felt pretty so I took some selfies. I’m gonna enjoy this moment and document it here because no one can stop me! xo

blackwhitebun001 blackwhitebun002 blackwhitebun003 blackwhitebun004 blackwhitebun005 blackwhitebun006

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.



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