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It’s been a while…

setting intentions for 2018So today I was struck by that sudden feeling of creativity that has sadly been severely missing in my life lately. I know that creativity is something that typically comes in waves, but for me it’s felt like a tsunami that sucked all the good powerful creative vibes out of my life for about a year or more, and tonight, suddenly and powerfully, I felt them come flowing back in fast, hard and strong as ever.

I have been really down and feeling stuck in my life for about a year. Like most people, I have a variety of dreams tucked away in the back of my mind, but I’ve always tried to be ‘rational’ and do the ‘smart’ thing. Deciphered, this means not taking any big risks in my life. Clearly, that train of thought has not resulted in making me fulfilled or satisfied lately. I feel slightly resentful that I am always choosing to be so safe with my decisions.

So with that realization, my goals for 2018 are really simple, and something that I should really have been doing all along – Listening to myself, to my instincts and following the voice deep inside, that I often suppress, that wants to get out. My creative voice, my side that wants to paint, and draw, and move on my yoga mat, and sing out loud. This year I plan to embrace and release everything I have inside – all the little micro dreams (like getting a sewing machine and making something) to the big giant ones (dealing with feelings that have been locked up for too long) and starting to work on my true dream, which is opening an online shop.

I am starting this year with the intention that anything can happen and that I can attract those good creative energies by honouring what my mind and heart are telling me – I need to create, I need to let the ideas and feelings out, and I’m starting today by writing this blog post.

Opening my shop is going to take time – but I don’t think it could take more time than I’ve already wasted telling myself it’s too big or too scary or not financially possible. But each time I doubt myself, I look around and realize how far I’ve come. Why am I scared to believe in myself – when I got myself this far, and I’m so much wiser and stronger than ever. Why am I doubting myself now?

I already have all the knowledge I need to start manifesting my online shop – and there will surely be more that I need to learn and will learn, but today I’m stopping being fearful and switching that energy to action instead. I will start this shop. I will follow my heart and passion. I will turn this shop dream into reality.

Setting my intentions is step one. Taking action will be the next phase. And I’ll just have to figure the rest out as I go!

2018, I’m planning for you to be my best year yet. ✨