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If you have been to my Pinterest profile (melaniexeinalem) and wondered how I have so many followers, I wanted to answer that here on my blog. I’m an eye candy lover. Before Pinterest, I bookmarked and saved everything you can imagine. Pictures of cupcakes, puppies, makeup I wanted to try, outfit ideas, dream homes, buttercream recipes, DIY projects – you name it. I’m talking hundreds of bookmarks. You can imagine how thrilled I was to discover Pinterest – a way to visually display and organize everything I had bookmarked! (nerd alert, I know). I was an immediate addict.

I have been a dedicated (ie. obsessed) user of Pinterest since February 2011. The reason I remember that date so clearly is because that was also the month I decided to start working as a freelance marketer. For some reason, maybe because I was uploading/pinning everything I had ever bookmarked, my following on Pinterest grew rapidly (and an unreal amount of email notifications started filling my inbox). By August 5th, 2011, I had hit 14,000 followers.

melaniexeinalem pinterest august 2011

In August 2011 I hit 14,000 followers. {click to enlarge}

On January 29th, 2012, an article about Pinterest appeared in my Facebook newsfeed titled, “21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users.” Of course, being a Pinterest fiend at this point, I HAD to know who was featured, so I clicked and started reading. When I got to number 20, my jaw dropped – I was listed as number 20! I couldn’t believe it.

melaniexeinalem pinterest featured on mashable

Being featured on Mashable’s ’21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users’ was a little surreal. {click to enlarge}

mashable slideshow of melaniexeinalem pinterest

The Mashable slideshow which featured me as number 20 in their “21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users” article. {click to enlarge}

As you can imagine, getting featured on Mashable calls for a lot of traffic. My little moment in the spotlight added to an already staggering number of followers. By May 2012 I was up to 239,941 followers.

melaniexeinalem pinterest may 2012

By May 2012 I had reached over 200K followers {click to enlarge}

Today, I have over 500K Pinterest followers, I have had a variety of unique freelance job opportunities come my way. I’m so, so thankful to all of you for following me on Pinterest. Without you those projects wouldn’t have been possible!

I hope you enjoyed a little walk down my Pinterest memory lane. Happy pinning, fellow Pinterest addicts!

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    Virginia Fynes
    October 16, 2013 at 10:49 am

    WOW!! I can’t believe you are a pinning Queen! Fellow Canuck… now following your boards… who isn’t?

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