West Coast Wandering

Sea to Sky GondalaThis month I travelled to British Columbia for the first time. Everyone kept telling me how beautiful it would be, but it wasn’t until I saw it for myself that I really got it.

There’s something about being in nature that makes you reflect on life. Stay tuned for a bigger recap on my blog later this month about my trip!



Yoga Love

As summer winds down, I am going full-force into yoga again. It’s much harder to stay motivated to work out in the dog days of summer, but as fall approaches, I get excited about getting to practice yoga, as the warmth of the yoga studio at GoodLife Fitness is a nice contrast to the cooler weather of fall months, and makes it easier to be back indoors.

yoga essentials

Yoga is one of my favourite ways to workout. If you’ve ever tried P90x a lot of the moves are very similar to yoga moves, but with a faster pace. P90x is considered one of the hardest workouts you can do, so I feel like practicing yoga is pretty badass. Aside from being a total body, dripping sweat workout, the best part of yoga is that it’s not just good for your body. Yoga has a soothing effect on your mind you just don’t get at the end of other workouts.

Breath in, breath out, repeat.

I live for that calm period at the end of the class where I just lay there listening to myself breath, chest rising and falling, and for a moment that is all I am focused on. I always immediately fall asleep, for a minute or two, which is why I think it is the perfect workout. I normally take forever to fall sleep. My mind just doesn’t stop. I think about my day, I think about my past, about the future, and all of the unknowns, the coulda-woulda-shoulda moments, my grocery list, and work to-dos, and I am unable to shut off my mind at all. I sometimes end up dreaming about those things! It feels like my brain never truly ever gets a break. The fact that I can pass out blissfully, and immediately, at the end of my yoga practice to me is an indication of how beneficial it is to do yoga. I am all for it, and highly recommend it to anyone that has trouble clearing their minds.

Give a yoga class at a local GoodLife Fitness a try. Let me know how it goes!

Check back in with Lovelyisms next month for a new fitness post!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.


Keep It Sorted

Many summers ago, a friend and I started a weekly Monday tradition. After every weekend, when we were hanging out on our lunch break, or after work, we would dump out our purses and clear them out of all the knick knacks and junk that we had stashed in our bags over the weekend. Back then, my friend and I basically lived out of our purses on the weekends, visiting with friends and partying into the night, so there was a lot in there to sort out! It was a way for us to catch up and and relive our weekends, sharing each memory attached to every ticket stub, matchbook, or photo in our purses.

Marc Jacobs purse

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This tradition has stuck with me after all these years, and every Monday, when I get home from work, I dump out my purse and clear out the clutter of whatever accumulated from my week. While my purse is a bit less cluttered nowadays, this little tradition makes me look back on good memories each time I do it, and also helps me stay organized at the same time.

Do you have any traditions you’ve started with friends that you still carried on over the years? I’d love to hear about them!

Fitness Recipes

Lemon Water Refresher

If you’re like me, especially after a workout in the summer, the heat makes you want to chug water all day. I like to add lemon to mine to give it a little flavour. I’ve heard that drinking lemon water also  helps to cleanse your system. I’m all for a light detoxing when it’s so easy.

lemon water

All you have to do is get a nice lemon or two (I prefer the Meyer lemon variety. They are a really nice golden yellow colour and are rounder and sweeter than regular lemons), and then slice the lemons into thin rings. You can either put them in a jug and add ice water, or add a few slices directly into your water glass. I prefer the single serving approach using a mason jar glass. Doesn’t it look cute?

Keep in mind that the lemon rinds can make the water a little bitter if you leave them in the jug for too long. You can avoid the bitter effect by squeezing the lemon juice into the water, rather than adding full lemon slices, if you prefer.

refreshing lemon water

Not only is lemon water pretty, but it’s a refreshing way to keep hydrated. Lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of making a few glasses of lemon water after my workouts at GoodLife Fitness and then I drink it for the rest of the day. It looks so pretty in my fridge, I just want to keep grabbing another glass. Try it after your next workout!

Check back next month for another fitness post!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.


Ice Cream Dreams

If you know me, you know that ice cream is one of my favourite desserts. Anytime I get a craving for a little something sweet, I turn to ice cream – or it’s close counterparts – gelato, sorbet, sherbet, or fro-yo. It never lets me down! There’s something decadent about scooping frosty dessert into a bowl or cone and taking a moment to yourself.

Thanks to my Instagram feed for informing me that today we celebrate ice cream in all it’s delicious glory on National Ice Cream Day. In honour of this delicious day, I’ve compiled a few of my favourite ice cream (and related icy treats) recipes  from Pinterest here on my blog. I’m hoping to test these out this summer! Follow my Ice Cream Dreams and Sweet Treats boards on Pinterest to find the original recipe posts.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Creamginger vanilla bean frozen yogurt | recipe by: The Vintage MixerCranberry Orange Sorbetcranberry orange sorbet | recipe by: Drizzle & DipS'mores Ice Cream Sandwichess’mores ice cream sandwiches | recipe by: Paper N Stitch Blog
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Handmade Ice Cream Coneshandmade ice cream waffle cones | recipe by: Herriot Grace BlogLemon Meringue Ice Cream lemon meringue ice cream | recipe by: Sifting FocusDairy-Free Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Ice Creamdairy-free dark chocolate cinnamon ice cream | recipe by: My Darling Lemon ThymeDonut Ice Cream Sandwichesdonut ice cream sandwiches | recipe by: Paper N Stitch BlogCoconut Strawberry Ice Creamstrawberry coconut ice cream | recipe by: Immer Wachsen

Sweet dreams! xo