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Keep It Sorted

Many summers ago, a friend and I started a weekly Monday tradition. After every weekend, when we were hanging out on our lunch break, or after work, we would dump out our purses and clear them out of all the knick knacks and junk that we had stashed in our bags over the weekend. Back then, my friend and I basically lived out of our purses on the weekends, visiting with friends and partying into the night, so there was a lot in there to sort out! It was a way for us to catch up and and relive our weekends, sharing each memory attached to every ticket stub, matchbook, or photo in our purses.

Marc Jacobs purse

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This tradition has stuck with me after all these years, and every Monday, when I get home from work, I dump out my purse and clear out the clutter of whatever accumulated from my week. While my purse is a bit less cluttered nowadays, this little tradition makes me look back on good memories each time I do it, and also helps me stay organized at the same time.

Do you have any traditions you’ve started with friends that you still carried on over the years? I’d love to hear about them!