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Run For It

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When I’m feeling stressed, or not myself, there isn’t much that can make me feel more in tune with myself than making a run for it! Whether it’s running outside, or jumping onto the treadmill at GoodLife Fitness, I look forward to going for a good long run. I just love the feeling of my body in motion, flying past the world, and tuning into my music and my thoughts.

I first got into running a few years ago as a way to clear my head. I think aside from the majorly positive body benefits, working out by running is the best way to decompress. I love yoga for that reason too, but with running it’s a totally different type of mind clearing, that makes you feel like for that moment when your music is cranked and your speeding down the sidewalk, that you are invincible. Like you’re an agent on a mission, or off to kick butt and no one can stop you! With the right song, you can take on the world as you run.

I run for my body. I run to clear my mind. I run for me. And I suggest that if you don’t already work out a little bit each week, that you start. Just get some shoes, and get outside and just do one run. Or if you prefer to run in the comfort of the indoors, run at a local gym like GoodLife Fitness. See how you feel after, and tell me you don’t feel like a badass!

Just be sure to do a little bit of light stretching (at least) before you hit the pavement or treadmill to make sure you don’t pull anything!

Check back in with Lovelyisms next month for a new fitness post!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.


In the Balance

Nike Free Cross TrainersThis month has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me personally so when GoodLife Fitness asked me to come up with a reply to the question, “how do you find balance in your life?,” it was a moment for me to stop and truly reflect on everything I was dealing with at the moment.

Trying to find balance between work life and the everyday big and little stresses of life can be tough and everyone deals with it in different ways. I try to achieve balance in my life by de-stressing before I’m stressed, that means making ‘me’ time. Going to a yoga class with a friend or going for a run is time for me to clear my head and be good to my body at the same time.

For those times I’m really stressed, I find it’s easy for me to fall into the habit of focusing all my time and energy on work or other projects to keep my mind off things, but those things are a distraction from dealing with my stress. What really helps to actually relieve my stress are those moments of being active and whether that’s intense cardio like going for a run on the treadmill at GoodLife Fitness, or something a bit more low key like doing a yoga class, it’s physically getting out there and working up a sweat that make me feel happier and balanced again.

Lately, I’ve also been hyper aware of how much time I spend on my phone texting and talking to friends vs seeing them in person so I’ve been trying to spend less time on all my tech. These are all other ways of distracting myself from real life vs being out there and enjoying it. Taking a moment to unplug and spend time with friends to just relax is the best stress reliever ever. Or what’s better than that? Going to yoga or a run with a friend! I need these little active moments to remind myself that just because I am having a bad day or a few bad days in a row, life’s not all bad.

Stay tuned for a new fitness post next month!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.