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Silver Linings

This month has been crazy busy and I think it’s just a precursor to the rest of the year. With several weddings, bachelorette parties, and traveling in the works, my calendar is already pretty full!  I love having things to look forward to that help me set my goals every month. Like with a possible trip to Germany and Switzerland, a destination wedding and a cottage wedding on the schedule for summer, I’m focusing on toning up not just for all the upcoming photo sessions, but as a precursor to all the drinks and eats that will be had! German pretzels, here I come!..

Working out is also my much needed form of relaxing my mind. Sometimes, whether I’m stressed or not, I just get a strong urge to run and I try not to ignore that call from my body. Who doesn’t just want to runaway from it all once in a while? But the better option is to focus that urge to run away and just go for an actual RUN. Hitting GoodLife Fitness as usual is my ultimate form of stress relief and the other benefit is that it keeps me fit.


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As part of sticking to my gym goals, I made another awesome fitness fashion find recently. These killer sports bras are seriously SO comfortable and they also make your boobs look amazing which is rare from a sports bra since most of them squash your boobs down. I’ve found these bras lift and support (I think it’s the cool straps that make this magic happen!). Best part is they didn’t break the bank so I splurged on a bunch of them. Check out the links aboves to get your hands on some! I’ve been lounging and sleeping in mine, and I’m telling you, even if you don’t make it the gym, you’ll find plenty of occasions to wear them!

And in other fitness fashion news, I am obsessed with my new Nike shoes. I bought them at the end of the year. It was a tough time for me personally, and when I saw these shoes, they were like little silver linings, urging me to stop looking at the big picture, slow down, and focus on smaller goals, and put the spotlight on my well being and being good to myself. They are silver and have a slight sparkle to them that makes me want to pull them on and get active every time I look at them. What more could you ask of a workout shoe!?


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Stay tuned for a new post next month where I’ll share some of my fav workout songs! I’m always on the lookout for new songs for my running playlist. What are you listening to currently at the gym?

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Run For It

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When I’m feeling stressed, or not myself, there isn’t much that can make me feel more in tune with myself than making a run for it! Whether it’s running outside, or jumping onto the treadmill at GoodLife Fitness, I look forward to going for a good long run. I just love the feeling of my body in motion, flying past the world, and tuning into my music and my thoughts.

I first got into running a few years ago as a way to clear my head. I think aside from the majorly positive body benefits, working out by running is the best way to decompress. I love yoga for that reason too, but with running it’s a totally different type of mind clearing, that makes you feel like for that moment when your music is cranked and your speeding down the sidewalk, that you are invincible. Like you’re an agent on a mission, or off to kick butt and no one can stop you! With the right song, you can take on the world as you run.

I run for my body. I run to clear my mind. I run for me. And I suggest that if you don’t already work out a little bit each week, that you start. Just get some shoes, and get outside and just do one run. Or if you prefer to run in the comfort of the indoors, run at a local gym like GoodLife Fitness. See how you feel after, and tell me you don’t feel like a badass!

Just be sure to do a little bit of light stretching (at least) before you hit the pavement or treadmill to make sure you don’t pull anything!

Check back in with Lovelyisms next month for a new fitness post!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.


Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Last month in my Do The Bright Thing post wrote about how I was trying to incorporate more colourful foods into my diet and that I wanted to try juicing. I figured rather than investing in a juicer, I would try it out first to see if it was for me. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about cold-pressed juice lately, so I looked into juice spots in Toronto and discovered Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.After a workout at GoodLife Fitness this week, since it wasn’t too far away from my gym, I popped into Greenhouse Juice Co. The moment I stepped into this adorable little shop, I became the girl with kaleidoscope eyes – so many colourful juices, and sealed into such cute little glass bottles -I couldn’t get enough!

Greenhouse Juice Co.^The lovely selection of juice at the Greenhouse Juice Co.^

All of the juices at Greenhouse Juice Co. are made of 100% organic, raw fruits and vegetables. Every juice is cold-pressed which means that the contents retain nearly all of their nutrients because they haven’t been heated during the juicing process.The juices are also packaged in glass which means no harmful leaching that can occur with other types of bottling processes.

Greenhouse Lamps

^Looked up to spot this adorable design detail – greenhouse light cages.^

I sampled some of the flavours and chose several juices that fit my ‘eating colourfully’ requirement. The juices were the perfect thing to sip on after a run – so refreshing! I felt great knowing that my body was enjoying the benefits of vitamin-rich, bright and colourful juice! Yay to getting my colourful food goal checked off my list!

Greenhouse Juice Co. Toronto

Here are all the juices I brought home with me:

Rabbit Run Cold Pressed JuiceDeep Roots
Gold RushCold-Pressed Apple Juice

Even though I am kind of skeptical of drinking kale juice, (I’m not a fan of the stuff!) I figured if I’m going to do this, I should go all the way and green is definitely a colour I should be eating more of! Here’s the kale juice I got:

East of Eden

I’m going to be reviewing the juices over the next few days and adding to this post. Wish me luck with the kale juice :I Still feeling skeptical about that one. Make sure you visit again next month – I’ll be sharing a bright and beautiful, colour-rich recipe!

This post is written in partnership with GoodLife Fitness as part of the GoodLife Fitness Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Life in Pixels

My Life in Pixels // July

July flew by! I wish I had taken more photos but this is all I captured on my iPhone.
Gooderham and Worts BuildingThe month started with a busy work schedule including a photo shoot in the Distillery District.
Balzac's Coffee Roasters TorontoThere was a quick stop to Balzac’s Coffee Roasters before the shoot – hello, most gorgeous coffee shop EVER. (That chandelier!!….)Gooderham Flat Iron BuildingThis month I also did a little weekend trip to the St. Lawrence market to grab some cheese and had to stop to snap a pic of this dreamy flat iron building.
Flat Iron BuildingI am dying to know what it looks like inside, and especially dying to have a seat in one of those beautiful corner windows.Old Mill Inn and SpaJuly also featured a massage at the Old Mill Inn and Spa for my birthday (a sweet present from Josh). I injured my knee (don’t ask how, I have no clue), and I haven’t been able to wear heels for a few weeks because of my knee pain (only thing I can wear that doesn’t hurt are flip flops), and the masseur was able to make the pain stop for a few hours which was the best gift I could have asked for! (Can’t wait until my knee is better so I can wear heels again though!)
#girlbossThis amazing book arrived all the way from Ottawa from my bestie for my birthday. She knows me so well! I read it cover to cover in one sitting (which is saying a lot for someone like me that can take a few months to finish one book!). Sophia – you’re a babe! Everybody – read this book!
NYC birthday cupcakesThe highlight of my month was my surprise birthday party. Josh planned out a double date night that served as a cover for coming back to our place afterwards, where the surprise happened. It was a New York themed birthday complete with subway stop signs and Broadway musical posters posted around the apartment, a signature drink (Manhattan’s of course), and little cut-out Statue of Liberty cupcake toppers that were so adorable! (Which he made himself! – how cute is that!?). After a few of those Manhattan’s I forgot to take photos – which may have been a good thing! Thank you Josh for making my birthday so special! xo

July, you have always been my favourite month, and this month was no exception!

Life in Pixels

My Life in Pixels // May

May was a pretty fun little month.

Bloor Street Flower MarketAt the first signs of spring I stopped at one of many flower markets on Bloor Street to pick up some of my favs – gerbera daisies and tulips.

New apartment with fireplaceWe moved into a new apartment…with a FIREPLACE! It doesn’t work, but I love that we now have a mantel and when we finally get some art, (one of these days, I swear) it will probably find it’s way above that fireplace.

Four Seasons Yorkville Toronto

I was part of a Pinterest event this month that included a weekend stay at the Four Seasons in Yorkville. The hotel was so luxurious, I felt like a celebrity…which reminds me, Nick Carter casually walked by me in the lobby with his body guard. I personally wish it was Justin Timberlake, but one boy band member was nice, I guess!  FYI I wanted to take that bed home with me. It was SO comfortable and that plus the complete pitch black black out remote controlled curtains made my stay here feel like heaven.

Le Select Bistro Toronto

The event also brought me to this adorable little place on Wellington Street. If you haven’t been, brunch at Le Sélect Bistro in Toronto is such a great place to meet up with friends in a gorgeous setting.

Le Select Bistro

It’s the perfect spot to feel like you are escaping the city on a little Parisian trip.The ambience has a bit of a french feel to it and the food is sooo good.

Le Select Bistro Toronto

I’ll let my food pics speak for themselves…

Chocolate dessert at Le Sélect Bistro

That weekend the french chic theme continued when we went to dinner at Biff’s Bistro of Oliver and Bonachini fame and were seated in the Red Room.

Biff's Bistro Red RoomIt’s another gorgeous spot where the food was great, but it was the decor was what truly made the place for me. I love red rooms. I think red gives so much drama and decadence to a space, and this colour is the perfect shade.

BIff's BIstro ceiling

And that ceiling!

Queen and Spadina

Of course, I also made time to do some spring shopping on Queen Street; my favourite area of Toronto. Every time I walk past Queen and Spadina I feel nostalgic. Having lived at this intersection for a few years, and then King and Spadina for a few more, this area of the downtown core or, “my two block radius” as I used to call it, has a way of triggering a lot of old memories whenever I am in the neighbourhood. I love this city.

Morba Queen Street

One of the treasures I found on my hunt at Morba – this gem of a doll house. How cute is this little mod dream home? I wish I was small enough to fit inside! I would never leave.